House Renovations

Give us a shout if you are looking for someone to renovate or repair your home, condo, suite or rental property. We work FASTER and CHEAPER!

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Business Renovations

We do all kinds of commercial renovation jobs and kitchen, bathroom, office, wall, ceiling and floor repairs. We work FASTER and CHEAPER!

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Kitchen Renovations

Tell us your needs and we will do kitchen planning, renovation, remodeling, refacing and design for you. We work FASTER and CHEAPER!

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Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations can be very expensive, but we will provide you with the best solution that fits your needs. We work FASTER and CHEAPER!

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Basement Renovations

There are many ways to remodel and develop your basement space. Give us a shout and we will do it FASTER and CHEAPER!

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Closet Renovations

We will design and build a great functional closet within or below your budget. We work FASTER and CHEAPER!

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Space Planning & Layouts

We do all kinds of space planning and layouts for different types of spaces that have their own characteristics and requirements. Let's talk!

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Interior Design

We provide commercial, corporate and residential interior design services with a sense of personal style, polished appearance and refined taste.

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Windows & Doors

We will install, refurbish or repair residential or commercial windows and doors. We work FASTER and CHEAPER!

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Backsplash Installation and Kitchen Tiling Deals in Greater Vancouver BC

We will tile your kitchen and install backsplash CHEAPER and FASTER anywhere in the Greater Vancouver, BC Call us now at 778 938 9883 or request a quote online at http://homerenodeals.ca/request-a-quote/ If you already have a quote from somebody else, please let us know because it is possible that we will be able to beat it! There are many different types of tiles you can choose for your kitchen. Talk to us and we will help you with the best solution. It is ok if you have already purchased tiles; no worries, we will install them. 1. Prepping Walls for

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We will refurbish, redesign, repair, paint, plaster, tile and build anywhere in the Greater Vancouver Area!