Emergency Property Repairs

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We will refurbish, redesign, repair, paint, plaster, tile and build anywhere in the Greater Vancouver Area!

Tenants moved out and left a mess? Plumber fixed the pipes, but left a massive hole in the wall or ceiling? Your suite got flooded and now it needs some repairs? Your property is desperate for a simple facelift? No worries! We are here for you!

Door Repairs

When it comes to broken, split or rotten door and door frame repair we are the right address! We are experts in renovation of wooden door frames, as well as steel, metal or aluminum frames.

Ceiling Repairs

We do it all – water damage repairs, smooth ceilings, stain removal, stipple, popcorn repairs, yellow watermark removal, drywall repair, convert stipple to smooth ceilings, crown moulding, painting, settlement cracks, screw pops, plumbing fixes, leaks and more!

Bathroom Wall Repairs

A lot can happen in a bathroom and the last thing you want is damaged drywall. To save yourself time and some serious headaches, address all bathroom wall issues as quickly as possible.

Wall and Drywall Repairs

We offer lots of different services that include – drywall installation and repairs, custom work, patching and mudding, sanding and finishing. We will paint the wall to make it look awesome!