Closet Renovations


We will design and build a great functional closet within or below your budget. We work FASTER and CHEAPER!


We build and refurbish all kinds of closets for our residential and commercial customers. Depending on your needs different styles of closets are available like wall mounted space saving closets, linen closets, custom closets, airing cupboard, broom closets, coat closets, utility closets, walk-in closets, wall closets, wardrobes or pantries

Our Closet Renovation Services

This is a brief list of what we can do for you, but there is definitely way much more. Call us now and let's have a chat on how we can help you!

Pantry Building

large and small

A pantry is a room where beverages, food, and sometimes dishes, household cleaning chemicals, linens, or provisions are stored. Food and beverage pantries serve in an ancillary capacity to the kitchen.

Walk-in Closet Building

large and small

 A storage room with enough space for someone to stand in it while accessing stored items. Larger ones used for clothes shade into dressing room.

Utility Closet Building

large and small

A closet most commonly used to house appliances and cleaning supplies.

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We will refurbish, redesign, repair, paint, plaster, tile and build anywhere in the Greater Vancouver Area!